About Mindbox

Who We Are

Mindbox started in 2020 with the aim to provide complex solutions in space of Computer Vision, AI/ML, Mixed Reality, and Data Center. Products in Computer Vision: ANPR (Automatic Plate Recognition systems), FRS (Facial Recognition Systems), and IDS (Intrusion Detection System). Products in Data Center: Layer3 Networking switches with 100g, 25g, 10g, and 1G ports.

Team: Mindbox team comes from ISRO. IIT, Cisco, and Juniper. Hold combined experience of 100 years in the IT Industry.

who we are
about us

Journey So far

Mindbox born in August 2020 with an Idea to create quality and innovative products in IT Industry. The Mindbox team has worked day and night to build ANPR, FRS, IDS Platform, and Datacenter Grade switch. We have done some successful POC with many customers and looking for some big orders in the coming time.



To be a global company, Where we create intelligent solutions for smooth and safe transportation, leveraging emerging technologies, delivered by best-in-class professionals



We strive to offer our customers end-to-end intelligent transportation solutions, customized system integration, and lifecycle service program for smooth traffic flow and safer roads

Why Us

We take pride in our core strengths of Innovation, Passion and Excellence, Collaboration, and Agility. Sound like mere words – talk to any one of our team members and you will find out for yourself!

We align ourselves along the customer’s value chain, providing end-to-end services in the following broad spectrum:



Production Support

Content Engineering

why us

Our Core Values