Safety & Security

Safety & Security system

Mindbox Safety & Security system is powered by artificial intelligence, providing a robust and ready-to-integrate system. Our safety & security system can detect a human with/without a PPE kit, Gloves, Mask, Face shield, boots, Safety Goggles, Helmet, and other safety gear. Which helps to protect the safety & security of an employee in a factory or in a hazardous working environment.  

How does the safety & security system work?

live camera feed

Receive live camera feed. 

safety & security

Our system analyzes safety & security protocols 

alert on violation

Generates alerts in case of violations.

Key features

Detection of an employee and his safety gear.

Detection accuracy over 99.5%

Generates an alert if any safety gear like gloves, mask, face shield, boots, etc. are missing.

The control room is alerted in case of safety & security violations.

Alerts are instantly sent via SMS, E-mail, WhatsApp, etc.

Fully customized reporting system, to meet unique business requirements.

Advantages of using Mindbox safety & security solution

artificial intelligence

Powered by AI 

Easy Integration

Easy to integrate 

High accuracy

Great detection accuracy of 99.5%

easy maintenance

Easy maintenance and highly scalable system