Accurate, Fast, Developer- Friendly ALPR

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

With the usage ranging from monitoring traffic activities such as red-light adherence and speed enforcement, detection of theft, electronic toll collection to various other traffic enforcement applications, ANPR is technology-driven by how well it ensures the continued safety of all road users.

Mindbox  Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system is based on artificial intelligence, providing a robust and ready-to-integrate system, capturing diverse types of license plates. Our systems are installed at locations across India and are capable of identifying and capturing license plates of more than 5,00,000 vehicles daily, forwarding information to the central control room for further processing. This helps in providing assistance to the enforcement of the law as well as ensuring safety.

How does the ANPR system work?

Capture images of the license plate through a camera

Capture images of the license plate through a camera

OCR to text

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) extracts the license plate number of the vehicle from captured images

text to server

Decoded text is forwarded to the control room for checking the license plate against the vehicle database, to take desired actions

Key features

Traffic conditions – free-flow and stop-and-go

Single ANPR camera covering single lane

Standard and non-standard license plates detection

Commercial and non-commercial license plates detection

Front and rear  license plates detection

Two-line license plates detection

Fully customized reporting system, to meet unique business requirements

Advantages of using Mindbox ANPR system

License Plate detection accuracy

License Plate detection accuracy ~ 95%

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Real-time data transfer

Easy Integration

Easy to integrate

Try It Out

Our algo handles plates that are blurry, dark, angled, with stacked characters, etc. See our work for ALPR in India.

Images & Videos

We handle both. Snapshot decodes plates from images. Stream identifies and decodes plates from live cameras.


Get vehicle region, make, model, color, classification; Webhooks, Dashboard, and more! Blur plates too!

On-Premise & Cloud

We provide both cloud and on-premise software (no Internet required) on a variety of hardware.

Fast, Nimble

Snapshot’s inference speed is 50-100 ms and Stream processes 4 cameras at once on a mid-range CPU.

Proven Globally

Our ALPR engine supports over 90 countries and is tuned to your specific region.

Plate Recognizer Snapshot

      Plate Recognizer Snapshot


  • INPUT: Takes images in any format.
  • OUTPUT: Decodes license plate, vehicle make, model, color.
  • HARDWARE: Runs via Cloud or On-Premise SDK (no Internet required) on Windows, Linux, Jetson, Pi, and more.
  • SPEED: Fast inference speed for SDK (50 ms) and Cloud (200 ms).
  • MORE: Sample code in 8 languages, Webhooks, Premium Dashboard, and more!

     Plate Recognizer Stream


  • INPUT: Takes live camera or video.
  • OUTPUT: Detects vehicles and decodes license plate, vehicle make, model, color, and more.
  • HARDWARE: Runs On-Premise on Linux, Windows & Jetson (+GPU).
  • SPEED: Processes 4 cameras simultaneously on a mid-range PC.
  • MORE: Includes Webhooks, Premium Dashboard with custom alerts, etc.
Plate Recognizer Stream