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Red Light Violation Detection Systems

Red Light Violation Detection Systems

Violating the red-light rule is one of the most serious and dangerous violations in the everyday traffic system. Most people get away with it due to either the traffic light not being equipped with an overview camera or the absence of visible deterrent measures such as police or automated enforcement equipment. Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD) system aims to provide a safer driving experience, improve compliance with road traffic rules, and smoothen the movement of vehicles along the stop line while reducing accidents and fatalities at intersections.


Mindbox Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD) system is a fully automated mass surveillance system identifying vehicles jumping the red light, stopping after the red-light mark, and over the zebra-crossing.

How does the RLVD system work?

The overview camera continuously monitors the red light after the signal has turned red

  • For any vehicle that violates the red-light rule, the entire violation scenario is captured by the overview camera. ANPR camera captures the image of the license plate of the violating vehicle
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is performed to read the license plate and identify the violator
  • This system is integrated with the Vahan database for the automatic generation of E-challan
  • Alerts are sent by mail or SMS to the owners of violating vehicles based on a review of photographic/video evidence at the Command Center
Image from an Overview Camera
Image from an ANPR Camera
Challan Generation

Key features

  • Violation conditions – red-light and stop-line
  • Datalog (vehicle image, license plate image, ANPR and Overview video, OCR, the color of the plate, start timestamp of red light, timestamp of violation, location, arms ID, lane ID, the direction of the vehicle)

Advantage of using Mindbox RLVD system

Red Light Violation Detection Accuracy ~98%
Easy integration with third-party database, e.g. VAHAN, etc
Easy integration with E-Challan System
High scalability and low maintenance cost
Real-time violation detection

Red Light Violation Detection Systems

RLVD was introduced to ITS by considering the number of accidental deaths on traffic congestions causing by the overspeeding of vehicles. Red Light violation detection system will be working as a violation warning for those vehicles that will try to violate the traffic signals at traffic junctions. This system will be capturing the Image for those vehicles which violate the traffic Signal and find the details from Vahan.nic.in and penalize the person to restrict them from repeating the same in the future.


  • Awareness for the road user about traffic safety.
  • Generating Alarm on Red-light Violation.
  • Online Penalty imposes on Traffic Signal violation.
  • Reducing the number of accidents on Traffic Congestion.
  • Resulting Better and Smoother Traffic flow.
  • Increasing Road-Safety.

Equipment Of RLVD

  • ANPR Camera.
  • PTZ camera.
  • Wireless modules (3G/4G).
  • Local Controller.
  • RLVD Control Room