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People Tracking Solution

Mindbox People tracking Solution in Gated society and apartments. As soon as people enters the society, if the entered person is know (who is been tagged) there will be no alert generated only events will be shown.

How does the people tracking work?

Even without a clear facial image, it’s now possible to search for a specific person using identifiers such as clothing, gender, age, accessories, or body shape. Leveraging cutting-edge video analytics AI technology, People Tracker provides outstanding accuracy and performance to greatly enhance surveillance capabilities and improve investigation search times.

  • Powerful AI vision technology to expedite video surveillance search investigations.
  • Combine person attribute recognition, person re-identification, and facial recognition functions to optimize search times.
  • Supports multiple locations and cameras.
  • Can be integrated with existing security systems and cameras, reducing extra costs and lowering total cost of ownership.
  • Supports importing video files from external sources, supercharging big investigations.

Application Scenarios