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ATM Solution

In ATM Mindbox Solution, If people enters the ATM against the RBI guidelines like wearing Helmet, Mask or any of the face coverings there will be Announcement made as please remove your face coverings and Alert will be generated.

ATM Mindbox Solution

How does the ATM Solution Work?

Mindbox Video analytics in an ATM solution typically involves analyzing video footage captured by surveillance cameras installed in and around the ATM area. Without the use of additional sensors, the system relies solely on the video feed to perform various tasks such as mask detection, helmet detection, people counting, loitering detection, and tampering detection.

All OK: No alerts

Red Alert: Response Strategy

Key features

Mask Detection: Mask detection involves identifying whether individuals entering the ATM area are wearing masks or not. The video analytics software uses computer vision algorithms to analyse the video feed in real-time. It identifies faces in the footage and then checks whether the mouth and nose areas are covered. If not, it flags the individual as not wearing a mask.

Helmet Detection: Similar to mask detection, helmet detection involves recognizing whether individuals are wearing helmets or not. The system analyses the video feed to detect the presence of helmets on people’s heads.

Loitering Detection: Loitering detection aims to identify individuals who linger in the ATM area for an unusually long period, potentially indicating suspicious behaviour. The video analytics software monitors the movement patterns of people within the vicinity of the ATM and identifies instances where someone remains stationary for an extended duration. This can trigger an alert to security personnel to investigate further.

Tampering Detection: Tampering detection involves monitoring the ATM itself for any signs of tampering or unauthorised access. The video analytics software analyzes the footage for any abnormal activity, such as someone attempting to manipulate the ATM components or tamper with the security features. If detected, an alert is generated to notify security personnel immediately.

People count detection: Set a threshold for the maximum number of people allowed inside the ATM. If the count exceeds this threshold, it indicates that additional individuals have entered the ATM.Alert will be generated  if the count of people inside the ATM exceeds the predefined threshold. This alert can be sent to designated personnel via email and whatsapp notification.