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Speed Violation Detection System

Speed Violation Detection System

Speeding is regarded as a factor in nearly one-third of all fatal accidents on the roads. To combat this dangerous and life-threatening behavior, there need to be systems implemented to target speeding vehicles. Speed enforcement systems monitor speed on roads and highways and increase safety and smoothen traffic flow.
Mindbox Speed Violation Detection (SVD) system is a robust and ready-to-integrate system for generating E-Challan to identify vehicles not adhering to the permissible speed limits on the roads.

How does the SVD system work?

Our Section Speed Detection system is prompted once a vehicle enters and leaves the section within a measured track. As depicted in the figure below:

Step1: The vehicle passes through the first gantry located at X1, where the rear image of the vehicle license plate is captured at timestamp T1

Step 2: The vehicle then passes through the second gantry located at X2 where again the rear image of the vehicle license plate is captured at timestamp T2

Step 3: The data from these two timestamps is sent to the Command Center, where the sectional speed of the vehicle is calculated based on the time taken (T2-T1) to cover the distance (X2-X1)

Step 4: If the speed limit is more than the permissible limits, challan is generated for the violator

Key features

  • The maximum speed limit for detection is 160kmph
  • High definition image capture
  • Automatic challan generation
  • The highly connected communication network (wireless and OFC)
  • Fully customized reporting system to meet unique business requirements
  • Ease of integration with e-Challan software

Advantage of using Mindbox SVD system

Accuracy of detecting speed violation ~95%
Integration with speed display systems helps to inform the road user about crossing the speed limit
Applicable on urban highways, expressways, rural roads, intra-city roads
Easy maintenance and highly scalable system
Customizable speed limit, based on time of the day

Speed Violation Detection System

SLVD was introduced to ITS by considering the number of accidental deaths on highways causing by the overspeeding of vehicles. Speed Limit violation detection system will be working as a violation warning for those vehicles which cross the maximum allowed speed on that route. This system will be capturing the Speed of each vehicle and also will capture the Image for those vehicles which cross the speed limit on that route and find the details from Vahan.nic.in and penalize the person to restrict them from repeating the same.


  • Awareness for the road user about their speed.
  • Displaying the vehicle speed on a bigger display.
  • Online Penalty imposes on speed violation.
  • Reducing the number of over-speeding vehicles
  • Increasing Road-Safety.

Equipment Of SLVD

  • VMS.
  • Ledder based speed camera with ANPR.
  • PTZ camera.
  • Wireless modules (3G/4G).
  • Local Controller.
  • SLVD Control Room